Grandpa's Love (By Stacy)

Tell me little one as I hold you close to me,
Can you see yourself bouncing high on grandpas knee?

Can you see his smile as warm as the sun,
Or his big, strong arms as they embrace everyone?

Tell me can you see him riding on Big Blue,
Tilting his hat saying, "Howdy, how are you"?

Can you hear his voice so warm and deep,
Speaking words of kindness and seeking out lost sheep?

Have you seen him work until the job is done?
Hoping his efforts will bring us all a bit more fun.

Have you seen his eyes looking over the ranch meadow
Twinkling with joy as his family is together?

Did you know that he never thought of himself,
Only of others and what he could do to help?

So tell me little one, now what do you see,
Is he here, beside us, lifting tenderly?

Did you see all the angels that rejoiced in song
When he returned to his heavenly home?

Tell me all about the tears that were shared
When all of his loved ones welcomed him there.

Oh little one, how I miss him so.
Of all of his greatness I want you to know.

As the days turn to years, and memories start to fade,
Remember his legacy and the path he has paved.

There will be no question as to how we should live,
He has made it clear- we should love, serve and give.

Just like our Savior on this earth long ago,
Your grandpa loved you and wants you to return home.

Our sights will now be set upon the heavens above.
We are not left alone, we are led by Grandpa's love.