Kimberly's Poem for Dad

When I was just a little girl, There was nothing I could not do.
All I needed was Daddy's love, And all my dreams came true.
Something made you different, I knew that all along.
A young girls Perfect Hero, Who was always brave and strong.
You mended all my scratches, and healed my wounded heart.
A knight in shining armor, You always played the part.
Now that I am older, My hero you remain.
Youíre still the hero who believes in me, But there has been a change.
You still take care of me when I'm hurt, And give advice to guide my soul.
But now I see itís more than that, Without you my life just would not be whole.
Your example has replaced the armor, And leads me in all I do.
You taught me to rely on the Lord, And faith will guide me through.
You told me that God loves me, And he wants me to come home.
Christ suffered the Atonement, So I wonít have to try alone.
So how do you tell your Hero the feelings that run so deep,
When words can't possibly dictate, they just make the feelings cheap.
I guess the only answer is to say the best I can,
You are the Perfect Hero, You are the Greatest Man.
So to a little girls Knight in Armor, I hope that you can see,
My love for you is endless, And my Hero you'll always be!